The Best Over the Counter Diet Pill

There are a million diet pill products out on the Internet. It is very overwhelming! You want a product that will really work and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I am going to tell you about a product that I have started taking that works. It is a diet pill called Lipodrene.

Lipodrene which is produced by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is an over the counter diet pill. You can get it with Ephedra extract or without. They even have a Hoodia version of the pill available as well. It is very easy to take; 2 in the morning and 1 at lunch. This product would be a diet pill worth trying if you are needing to lose a lot of weight and need help with appetite control. It controls appetite without making you feel sick and it does not cause jitters. I have experienced jitters with most diet pills so this was a definite plus in my book.

It may cause a little bit of disrupted sleep if you take the one pill too late in the afternoon, but if followed correctly it should not cause jitters. It will also increase your energy levels, by which your exercising levels should increase too. This product also has an added benefit: it is over the counter. This means that it is pretty cost efficient. This also means you will not have to go to your Dr. monthly as you do with prescription diet pills. This not only saves money on your visit but your prescription costs as well. This is definitely a product I would recommend!

The Truth Behind Over the Counter Weight Loss Pills

The lure of using over the counter weight loss pills for fast weight loss is extremely alluring to many people. The main concern is whether this drug is really safe and effective in losing excess weight. The appeal is tough to pass up when faced amid the fight to lose weight. Hence, to make a practical conclusion is to base the decision on proofs. Here are the realities about over the counter weight loss pills:

Conjugated linoleic (CLA), claims to reduce fat and builds muscle tissue, however it is not likely to decrease entire body weight. It causes diarrhea, indigestion and other gastrointestinal troubles.
Chromium claims to decrease body fat and increase muscles. However, studies showed insufficient evidence to rate effectiveness for Weight loss and long-term effects are unknown.

Country mallow known as heartleaf, Indian Chikana or Silky White Mallow assert to suppress appetite and increase the quantity of calories burned. But research showed that there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Bitter orange also known as Seville orange, studies show that “there no evidence that it is safer to use than ephedra.” There is no concrete evidence that bitter orange is effective in promoting weight loss. There some reports of deaths that’s linked to bitter orange

Ephedra is derived from the plant Ephedra sinica, this drug claims to suppress appetite. Ephedra-containing dietary additives are prohibited in the United States due to its harmful side effects, But still, several variants are still offered on the internet.

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